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Developing a new generation of lower-carbon cements


Through Project Aether, Lafarge has developed a new generation of lower-carbon cements. These Aether® cements offer similar performances to Portland Cement in a wide range of concrete applications.

Less limestone is required to produce Aether® cements, which are also manufactured at lower temperatures and using less energy than Portland Cement.


This allows a 25-30% reduction in CO2 emissions during the production process.

Aether® clinkers can be made from conventional raw materials that are suitable for use in large scale cement manufacture: limestone, clay, iron and bauxite. They can also be produced in existing industrial installations – ‘rotary kilns’ – after certain process adaptations have been made.

Following two successful industrial trials, work is now ongoing to industrialize the first Aether® cements for specific concrete applications.


Reducing CO2 emissions thanks to Aether® cements:

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