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About Project Aether

Following two successful industrial trials, Project Aether aims to prepare the industrial deployment of lower-carbon Aether® cements for a range of concrete applications.

This will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the cement sector.


Project Aether received 2.3 million euros in funding from the European Union’s LIFE+ financial instrument for the environment between 2010 and 2013. This funding contributed to a series of pilot tests at ICiMB specialist cement-testing facilities in Poland, followed by two successful industrial trials at Lafarge cement plants in France, confirming the feasibility of industrial-scale production of Aether® cements. Independent testing has also been carried out by UK-based BRE to assess the mechanical performance and durability of mortars and concretes made with Aether® cements.

At the end of 2013 the EU renewed its support for Project Aether for a further 18 months, as part of its Sustainable Industry Low Carbon (SILC) scheme. Thanks to this SILC funding, the project partners are today developing a plan for the cost-effective industrialization of Aether® lower-carbon cements for specific applications.

Industrial tests

Consortium partners

The project is run by Lafarge, a world leader in building materials, working in partnership with two technical centers, BRE (UK) and the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials (ICiMB - Poland).


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